Monday, March 19, 2012


What does it look like ?
In the classroom - In the classroom respect is when you don't say any offencive / mean words, and you don't talk back.
In the computer lab - Respect in the computer lab is to respect the equipment like don't steal anything or break anything.
In the hallway - In the hallway respect is when you don't shut off the lights or turn them back on when someone does, and you do not yell in the halls or curse in the hall.
During breakfast / lunch - Respect in the lunch room is when you say thank you to the lunch laddies. Also when you throw your tray away right and don't start any food fights.
When we have visitors on campus - Respect i when you just stay quite and don't pay any mind to them. Don't ask what are they doing here answer their questions and keep working.
When we visit other places - Respect is being on your best behavior, such as if your in the lunch room don't leave a mess. Be nice to the students and teachers there. Don't act out and be bad then they wouldn't want you to go back to their school.