Friday, January 28, 2011


I think teams are pretty good but the only thing i don't like is that you don't get to pick your teammate or you really don't know what to do when there absent. If there gone you wont be able to make team decision you have to just do what you think.I like it because you have to minds working on one thing, like when you don't know how to do one thing your partner might know how.I think teams are cool to have because you can also get closer to people you really don't hang with.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

About My G

 My characters name is Ammar  and he is worried about dieing early. He just wants to live life and wants everyone to save energy. If they save energy there is a chance that they might die early for using to much energy. He will go shooting solar panels on houses. He will help the world save energy by using solar energy.Then the people that don't use solar energy he will blow there houses up.

Who, What, Where, When, Why, How?

Who - Ammar
Where - In a world with floating houses.
When - In year of 2016.
What - Bad homes that are using all the energy.(that there are too many home using a lot of energy and not staying green.)
Why - Because we can die sooner with out any energy.
How - By shooting solar panels on there houses so their houses can be green.He will also blow up the house that wont use solar energy.


1. What is the name of your character?
2. What is the age of your character?
  13 years old.
3. Does your character have any pets? If so, what kind and how many?
4. Does your character have any brothers or sisters?
 12 sisters and 14 brothers.
5. What does your character look like?
 He is tall and has black hair.
6. What hobbies does your character have?
 Going to the mall and listening to his IPod  touch.
7. What other interests does your character have?
 He likes red.
8. What does your character like to do the most?
 Go to the mall or watch movies.
9. What is your character’s least favorite thing to do?
10. What are your character’s beliefs?

11. Is your character outgoing or shy?
 Both he is outgoing and is sometimes shy.
12. Do other people enjoy being around your character?
 Yes because he is funny and cool.
13. What does your character like to do in his/her free time?
 Go to the movies or the mall.
14. Does your character like to read short stories or books? If yes, what kind of short stories or books
does your character like to read?

Not really onless its a book he likes.
15. Does your character like to write short stories or books?
16. Is there any other information about your character that you need to know?


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Play Testing

 We played some games and they were pretty cool. I think my game shouldn't have a quiz page. My team should put the questions while playing the game. Like when your playing the game there will be a question that will pop up saying something and you will have to shoot the house that it says.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Pact

We just saw the movie The Pact and it had these 3 African American men that became a doctor. They came out of a bad neighborhood and still became doctors. One of the doctors had went to jail for arm robbery and he spent 1 month in jail and 2 years probation. That same doctor desided to quite being a doctor and going to help the community. He thinks that helping kids from being on the street is better thatn being a doctor. I liked the movie i think it was cool. It kind of emspired me to go to college because they grew up around drugs and in a bad neighborhood just like me. I think if they can do i can too.

Friday, January 14, 2011

This Weekend

This weekend me and my friend Marcos are going to the movies. I don't know what to got watch but me and him are going to go have fun. After seeing a movie him and i might go to the mall. Me and him might go buy some things or just walk around.

What I learned This Week

 This week i was working on my game. My partner and i were working on our game picture and our game idea. My team is still working on our paper prototype but we are almost done. My partner and I have been coming up with new ideas to help our game be better. Our game is about helping the world save energy.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

 I have been reading Diary Of A Wimpy Kid The Last Straw. In the book the characters are Greg,Rodrick,Greg's mom and dad and Greg's little brother. In the book Greg goes to class and they find out the teachers dictionary is missing, so they cant have recess. They are all mad and so they try real hard to get it back. They ask this kid and he said he will find it for 5 dollars. They give him 5 dollars and he picks up the book he is reading and it was the dictionary.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Break

 On winter break i went to Bastrop TX. I had fun because on Christmas we went over there and i was riding the motorcycle. It was crazy because they wrapped my present in a Fiber 1 cereal box, but i didn't open it till my uncle said it didn't fell like cereal. I was laughing when i opened it because i thought it was cereal but it was a game. After that i was up stairs downloading games to my ipod. Then I downloaded it to the newest version and it deleted all of my games and the apple id i had on it. Now its real hard for me to put games on it. I'm glad I'm back because its real boring with out school.