Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Game Demo Slides

I have finished my whole game demo file.

Copy Right Free Ammar Shigri 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Notes 2-23-2012

Today I am going to work on my demo. The demo is the only thing i have to finish. I am my own team so I do everything on my own. I finish quicker by myself.
This is all competed.
  • Intro - Ammar
  • Team Intro -  Ammar
  • Audience -  Ammar
  • Gameplay -  Ammar
  • Learning Goal -  Ammar
  • Fun Factor -  Ammar
  • Smart Factor -  Ammar
  • Style Factor -  Ammar
  • Originality Factor -  Ammar

Thursday, February 9, 2012


They lied to him and said Nike gives you a good amount of money when they don't. He goes to Indonesia to see for himself about the sweatshop. No way anyone could live on Nike's wages. The man said he lost 25 pounds eating the way they eat. He said so many people live in one shack and have to share that room. Nike throws a lot of trash near villages and they burn it and they could kill many people plus kids that live in that village. On the website it says you can visit whenever but when they went with a camera they mad them leave the premises. Then Nike manager sent all employs saying if they talk to the Americans they will get fired. He went to talk to the CEO and the CEO got mad and said he isn't talking to them.  Tiger Woods gets millions t wear Nike brands and these people creating the shoes get as much as $1.25 a day. That is sad and the kids over there don't even have a good education.

Michael Moore
The Chairman of Nike was granting Michael a visit. He went to Flint and told many people to come out and say they would work in a shoe factory. Many people came out and he showed that people will work and he said no he wont make shoe factory in Michigan. He just doesn't care about anybody and anyone's life he just cares about himself its so sad. He gave 10,000 to schools, that's it he made Michael Moore give 10,000 too for him to donate that. That is sad he is a billionaire he cant donate a million that would showed he cares.

Human Trafficking
People is Malaysia are forced to work because before they work they have to sign a contract that they can not read that says they have to work 3 years. They have video's of people working and living in terrible homes that about 26 people live in one shed. Well when the video's were on the news Nike said they didn't know about these conditions and that they moved people to private apartments. They said they are going to give back there passports and a couple other things.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Object in the sky !

How could you take this real-life event and turn this into a game.
I can make it into a game by have a shooting star go by and that you have a camera and u have to shoot at it to get pictures and the things you shoot will be a flash from the camera. 
What genre would you focus on?
I would focus on action because if a game is action I will play it, I only really like action.
What skill or topic would your game teach?
My game after each level would have facts about shooting stars and stuff.
What would the player have to do in the game?
They would play and try to shot the shooting star than read facts and go on.
What would the hero of your game look like? The enemy? 
I could have the United States as a hero and have the shooting star as the enemy. The enemy would go toward Earth and the U.S would try to shoot it down so it wouldn't harm our human race.
What type of animations or sounds would the player see and hear?
I would have stars going behind the shooting star in the background. I don't think I would out sound.
What would be the title of your game?
Helping Humanity because if any shooting stars are trying to hit the Earth NASA will see and the government will help and destroy it.
Draw me a simple title screen in Flash of your game and embed it in the blog post. Remember you can use "Blogging Tips" in the Wiki to retrieved the embed code you will need.

Copy Right Free Ammar Shigri 2012