Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Food Inc.

This movie Food inc. was a movie about how animals like pigs, chickens, and cows and how they get soldered.This movie can help us not to kill animals and be vegetarians. It cost more on vegetable than fast foods because people eat more fast food than vegetable.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Back To School Night

Tonight is back to school night. What is one thing you have learned or accomplished this year that you would like to share with your family? Please explain. It does not have to be something from this class.

I would like for them to see how well I'm doing! I would want them to know that I know how to put videos on my blogger and and wiki. I would want them to know how well I'm doing in all classes.I want to show my mom that I'm good at computers to just like her.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine (My Choice)

The movie hot tub time machine was cool and funny! At first there friend that always ask for money was drinking and singing a song. He was pressing on the gas and almost killed himself. So his friends went back to where they grew up and went into the hot tub. They were drinking something from Russia and it spilled and made them go back in time. So they lived there life over for about a day and went back to the hot tub and went back in time. But someone stayed behind.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Social Issues 2

What have you learned about social issues so far this week? Please share some of your thoughts.

I think a social issue for this week is that we should not waste things. We should recycle before we throw something away. I think that people should stick with something they like not something that brand new. Like if you buy a ipod you should keep it even if there is a new one that just came out. You shouldn't get it because its new our because everyone else has it.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Least affective game(Zeitgeist)

The learning in this game is that you have to read and answer questions.  This game has no social issue.I really didn't learn anything. I think the game was an action game because after you got all answer right you got to play the game where you can shoot the bad guy. I think the game is already cool enough so it don't really need to be changed but it needs something educational.  The designs didn't look like a regular game but it was cool. It works well and is very good, that's my favorite game on the wiki. But I didn't learn anything on this game. This is the link: Zeitgeist

Most Affective Game(Medical Mysteries)

The game that taught me the most about its learning topic was Medical Mysteries. This game helps you figure out what are diseases and what they can do to you. The social issue in this game is to explores the topic of preventing and fighting diseases. You can learn what causes diseases and how to prevent them. Medical Mysteries is an adventured games. Adventure games are a good choice for a learning game because the story keeps the player involved and being able to see how what you are learning can help you in the real world is also helpful. This is the link: Medical Mysteries

Social Issue

A social issue is something that affects many people at one time. What are some social issues that are important to you? Why are they important?

I think social issue is pollution. If people keep polluting our world would burn from to much sunlight. If we keep polluting the ozone layer will get big and more sun light will be in the earth. That's why people should recycle and not throw food on floors. People should plant more plants and save cans to recycle.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Takers ( My Choice)

The movie takers is so cool! Its about T.I making a deal with Russians to get back at the people who set him up and let him take the fall for what they did. Later T.I and Chris Brown ends up getting killed. The movie was so cool you have to see it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Favorite Genre

My favorite game is call of duty modern warfare 2. I like action games. There cool I like war, killing games for some reason. There are so many levels and its cool you can play online, play with other people.

Monday, September 13, 2010


You have played many video and computer games throughout your life. What are some of your favorites? What do you like about them? What do they have in common?

My favorite game is the torture game! I like the torture game because you get to hurt the person until he dies.You can cut him with a chainsaw or a knife, you can also shoot the guy with guns like A hand gun, shot gun, and a machine gun .You could even paint him red, blue, green and any other color. I think this game is cool. People who have a lot of anger inside should play it and let out all the anger in a game.

Friday, September 10, 2010

GROWN UPS (My Choice)

Grown ups is my favorite movie! It's so funny and it has all my favorite actors in it. If you see the movie you will like it it will probably be your favorite movie. I'm not going to tell you the movie you have to see it for your self.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


The movie was about how global warming can affect people and the world!(The movie was made in 2005)The movie was saying that if people keep polluting, the worlds ice will melt.That president bush brother blocked off the roads so people couldn't vote for the other person running for president.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


The week was cool we got our locker after a few days! I can't wait till we get our badges! I made a lot friends and boys and girls club was even more fun. I like social studies the most because Mr.B is fun and in P.E we got to play games! I don't like the food that much but i eat at boys and girls club.