Monday, November 29, 2010


My favorite game was drift runners its fun you get to drive around the track and you have to try and win. I learned the first racing game was released in 1974.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The book I'm Reading

The book I'm reading is The Whipping Boy.  The main characters are Prince Brat his whipping boy Jemmy. One day Prince Brat's dad had a dinner and lots of people came. When they were siting down the Prince tied all their wigs to their sits so when they stood up to toast the King, their wigs came off. The people were all screaming when Prince Brat was laughing in the corner.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Into The Arms Of Strangers

Into The Arms Of Strangers is about Jewish children being captured by Nazi's. The Nazi's would strip the Jewish kid's parents from there jobs. The Jewish kids were not able to go to school because the Nazi's shut down the schools and the buildings were all trashed. When the Nazi's were arresting the Jews there was one man who told the Nazi's that they shouldn't be treating the old people like that so they made a example of him and beat him to death. There was little girl and she went to England and she told her parents you are getting rid of me, you adopted me and you don't want me anymore. When she left on the train she saw her parents crying real bad and she starting writing them a letter and told them that she was sorry for telling them that. The dad was chasing the train and ending up pulling his daughter out and she got heart bad.

   When the children were in England they were like pets parents would just choose them like nothing.One of the children went to some parents and showed them a picture of her little sister and said if they can make her a visa to go over there.Well the uncle hates red heads and her sister was a red head. He asked her what is the color of your sisters her and she said brown. When her sister  got there he was mad and she told him why do you care about the hair color so he just keep her.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rosa Parks

I have read that when Rosa Parks was a little girl she was in a segregated place. She said that when she saw a little white boy he threatened to hit her and she picked up a brick. Later that day she told her mom that she did that and her mom told her that she shouldn't do that. Rosa was asking why and her mom said that they just don't do that.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Diary Of Anne Frank

The movie Diary Of Anne Frank was about some Jews that were suppose to go to labor camp which means they were suppose to be killed. They had lived at the top of a office and more and more people came. They all were hiding sharing a little room and the little food they had. They lived there for 2 years and then they finally got caught. They all went to some camps and they all were killed except 1 but he died later on.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mini Game

  The thing I liked the most was that when we got to make it move. The least thing I liked was the first step because we didn't really do alot. I would like to learn how to keep score on something which we will be doing because its step 6. I really don't have anything else I want to learn.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekly Blog November 1

  Today I learned alot like I didn't know how to do that when you can move the picture and all that. We were on Adobe Flash and we had pictures of a wolf, pizza, rabbit, carrot and chocolate. We named them and saved it. Then we deleted all of them except the carrot and we put a sentence in which made the picture move.
  I learned lots of thing so far. Now I know how to like move images. I also learned how to change names of a programs. Now I can do the programs and make a game or something.
   My class 6-C will be working on a little game. We are ready learned how to save a image. We also learned how to move it to another side. The cool thing is that we learned how to make it move by itself. I think this week we are going to put more thing in it and make it a game.
  We have been working on flash. I have already learned how to make a character move with the arrows. I can make the picture move by itself while moving a rabbit.
  I'm think today we might draw again. It was so cool yesterday we drew shapes and colored them in. It had shade and some had rainbow colors together in a shape. I also hope to learn more about making the graphics in the game designing.